How to design a good and modern table for baby nursing?

People having children visit the pediatrician’s office – for various reasons: routine vaccinations of children, their medical examination or in an emergency and sudden case of illness. With an older child has no problems – he comes to the pediatrician’s office and will be examined. The case concerns the youngest patients, newly born, who feel confident only in the arms of their parents, and in any other cases – usually react tears.
Most pediatrician’s office appliances is not changing styles over the years – old proven solutions that look somewhat anachronistic by modern – design and shapes – which are increasingly surround us in everyday life.
I had, in my designer life, a great pleasure, to perform product design project – table for baby nursing for a recognized, world business. I can confidently say – that in this subject, I was just in time – gathering experience while with my own child went to the check-ups and vaccinations.

The stages of project preparation of the table for baby nursing

Cooperation has been divided into stages, which we realized in order to babies, their comfort, calm and relaxed during the medical examination, the nice (not nervous) atmosphere in a pediatrician’s office.
Brief – the first document – contains described the need for a business client (principal). It is considered as a basis for the preparation of the design assumptions.
In this particular case – the table for baby nursing – general assumptions have to take into account:

  • the table is designed to carry all kinds of treatments, medical and general research in health care (maternity wards and neonatal) and pediatric clinics,
  • patients (users) are children,
  • customers (users) are both institutions of public health services and private offices,
  • in medical professions, women are the majority, therefore, ergonomics and styling designed product should take this into account,
  • design of the table for baby nursing should have both innovation and care to ensure ergonomic device users.

The priority was to find the simplest form of stylistic resulting from the functionality of the product. Show that the product is aimed at both medical staff and the patient through the conscious use of industrial design. From the original design should harmonize offered color of the product, but it can not limit the ability to adapt to the modern interiors pediatric offices. Construction of the table for baby nursing must be enough simple to allow for easy cleaning and disinfection.
On the global market, at present, they are offered examination tables based on two trends solutions.
The first – a table in the form of animals – imaginatively designed, as a way to “tame” visits to the pediatrician.The baby already sees and is interested in the environment – so focused its attention on a colored shape that is so interesting that it diverts attention from research or vaccination, but primarily from a foreign unknown person (pediatrician or nurse), which goes to its.This innovative solution is very nice, however, is expensive.
The second – is a classic dresser (first parent in the pediatric offices) with extension to scroll. Easy to use and eternal – we (adults) are accustomed to it, the shape is well known to us, but … let us remember the babies behavior – they are troubled, often cry and even scream. This is the traditional solution at an affordable price.

Implementation of the project the table for baby nursing

The starting point for the search for solutions to the innovative design of the table for baby nursing became two questions and their answers:

  • How can we make that pediatricians offices become friendly for small patients and their parents? – Innovative design of the product must create a sense of security to both parents, as well as in the tested baby.
  • What can we do that visit in the pediatrician office was nice? – The shape and color of a design project should arouse positive emotions.

Searching for the best design solution went back to the basics of parent-child relationship. I realized that the baby in its mother or father arms is cuddle and swing, the first bed for baby is the cradle. These facts were the basis for my designed to the table for baby nursing.
My solution include the following facts:

  • a sense of security referring to the cradle,
  • functionality that everything was at hand, and to be able to hang things or just be able to get what catch and move – the side rails,
  • convenience – on rails you can hang baskets provide easy access to the articles of the first, babies needs (diapers, olive, powder, etc.) without losing a second of the hand of a baby,
  • in addition – a large, pull-out shelf under the changing table as a place for weight or extra diapers,
  • attractive, vivid colors,
  • the ability to anchorage under the table, toy or rattle to give the child associate this place with the house, which feels familiar and safe.
The table for baby nursing is the beginning of a series of medical furniture needed in modern pediatric offices

Knowing that not only the table for baby nursing is in a pediatric office, suggests the creation of a whole series of furniture (of products) representing the complete demand for pediatricians offices. Nursing table could be the beginning of that young patients can feel safe in a friendly, colorful environment that arouses curiosity and pleasant associations turning their attention away from unpleasant treatments (injections, vaccinations, blood sampling). Shapes will therefore focus the attention of babies, and the colors calming effect.
These comprehensive solutions are offered in the modern standard of design projects product. They contain a project the whole room with the equipment, taking into account above all the functionality for medical staff. Used colors and shapes will arouse curiosity in young patients but for their parents it will be, for sure, new experiences.

Design project the table for baby nursing:

Design and construction of this product – WÓJCIK DESIGN
Project for – STOLTER Sp. z o.o.

Table for baby nursing
Table for baby nursing
Table for baby nursing
Table for baby nursing
Table for baby nursing
Table for baby nursing
Table for baby nursing
Table for baby nursing