General Information

The result of the analysis of the activities of the company U.B.M. KOTASIŃSKA in the scope of industrial design (pattern audit) was to develop a product development strategy.
The starting point of the project was the evaluation (functionality – 
ergonomics, construction, technology and manufacturing economics) of the medical couches offered by the company.

General design assumptions

The designed table for rehabilitation should be a simpler and cheaper construction in production than the offered medical couch. Introduced in the design project, material unification with newly designed treatment chairs.
The table is made of steel tubes, covered with powder varnish, resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damage and disinfecting and cleaning agents. Lair segments and the headrest are upholstered.
Adjusting the angle of inclination of the headrest segment is carried out by means of rastomats by raising the segment, and then fixing the position of the segment at the desired angle.
Table for rehabilitation StoRe – Basic and StoRe – Basic Plus (elevated) are designed to carry out patient examinations, perform rehabilitation treatments, physiotherapy and simple, dry, active massage. They can act as a couch or treatment table. The table should enable patients to take the correct position for an effective and safe treatment.
The design of the table should allow easy and possibly full access to the patient.
Potential clients are both public health care facilities and private offices.
Women constitute the majority in medical professions, therefore the implemented project includes
ergonomics and stylistics of the designed product.
Medical personnel because of their profession are people who know how work affects our health.
Product design should be characterized by care for ergonomics for all users of the device.
Due to the fact that we buy “through the eyes” to a large extent, the original
product design can influence the client’s decision.
The materials used should be publicly available, known and not posing a direct threat to both the staff and the patient.

The scope of completed design work

The scope of work included cooperation in the development of a product development strategy ,designing the product , development of full technical documentation by the WÓJCIK DESIGN construction team, author’s supervision over the implementation of the product for production.

Implemented design solutions

In the design of the rehabilitation table, we managed to obtain an innovative product with a simple but durable construction. he limitation of the structural elements ensures easy cleaning and disinfection. An additional plus of the design is simple technological equipment and easy assembly. The regulation of the headrest eliminated the production of its own mechanism, for the benefit of commercial rastomats, which reduced the cost of manufacturing the product.

The design effect achieved

The applied stylistic measures ensured the creation of a product that stands out among the products of its class. StoRe – Basic and StoRe – Plus rehabilitation tables were implemented on the market in 2016.

January 15th, 2016


Table for rehabilitation StoRe - Basic
Table for rehabilitation StoRe - Basic
Table for rehabilitation StoRe - Basic and StoRe – Plus
Table for rehabilitation StoRe - Basic
Table for rehabilitation StoRe – Plus