The company WÓJCIK DESIGN was founded with the involvement of the people who know very well the design of the product and works in the field of product design, industrial design widely understood. We have extensive experience supported by completed, realized projects.

We are a team of professionals industrial designers, engineers, designers, technologists and experts. We have experience supported by practice and completed, realized projects.

Our professionalism stems from experience in key areas necessary to design and implement the production of advanced medical equipment such as:

  • operating tables, rehabilitation and treatment,
  • operating and treatment lights,
  • column power,
  • gynecological chairs and beds childbirth,
  • treatment chairs,
  • hospital beds in this specialist for intensive care units,
  • dental units,
  • furniture and equipment surgeries

Our experiencen with projects expanded equipment of public buildings (halls and stadiums) and school furniture and kindergarten.

We do audits of a design and cooperate in the developing of the strategy of product development.

Coordinates the cooperation with the relevant departments of the customer and its suppliers. We provide full documentation of the development of technical and technological project.

The Wójcik Design company specializing in the design of medical devices/equipments in its offer also has their certification, i.e. confirmation of compliance with all applicable essential requirements that apply to them.

We offer  a comprehensive product development from the preparation of project objectives after the supervision to its implementation into production.

Jerzy Wójcik – Experience of design.

Since 2000 I have dealed with a professional design of the product. I worked in a multidisciplinary constructor team in Zywiec in Factory Hospital Equipment called Famed Zywiec SA we created new products and upgrading existing ones.
I was involved in the work of the several dozens of projects, which 35 products have been implemented for production and achieved planned in concept design effect.

Jerzy Wójcik – Achievements

Many products on which I worked were awarded:
SALMED Fair in Poznan

  • gold medal for delivery bed LM-1.3 and dental unit US-03 “Phoenix” – 2002 year,
  • gold medal for bed ICU LE-04 – 2004 year,
  • gold medal for bed ICU LE-12 “Vigo duo” – 2006 year,
  • gold medal for operating lamp LO-23 – 2008 year,

Dental CEDE Fair in Lodz,

  • a gold medal for dental unit US-05 “Griffin” – 2007 year,

Design Competition “Silesia thing” ,

  • award bed ICU IE-13 “Vigo trio” – 2007 year.

Jerzy Wójcik – WÓCIK DESIGN

Since December 2010, I have run of my own business, have worked within a team of designers, technologists and constructors. I coordinate cooperation with relevant departments of the customer and its suppliers. I run projects from pre-design the supervision of the implementation into production. In my projects I am looking for new solutions using modern technologies and materials.

Wójcik Design was created with passion and commitment to creative people who love design and creation of new functional products. We are a team of professionals who are able to work together and this result brings success.

Our Industrial Design
& Design Expertise
  • Product Development Strategy Experts
  • Industrial designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Technologists
  • Certification Specialists
  • Internal auditors