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Industrial design

The offer of cooperation in the field of analysis, product design and management elements of process design and implementation

The company Wójcik Design which has an experience of design and implementation, and has competence, offers the following services:

  • diagnosis and analysis of needs in the field of  industrial design,
  • develop business development strategiesbased on the development of products and services,
  • the development of specific expertise of design and analysis
  • evaluation of the processes occurring in the client,
  • writing briefs for each process design and implementation,
  • help plan the design and implementation of processes and R & D,
  • develop a plan for financing R & D tasks in time,
  • define acceptance criteria for the various stages of the client (investor),
  • design and construction,
  • tooling design (eg. welding, drilling, bending, etc.) and tests,
  • design of machine parts,
  • designing infographics,
  • packaging design,
  • preparation of documentation (CAD3D) design and implementation of products,
  • work with the client team in the preparation of technical file of products,
  • develop a manual of the product,
  • validation stages of design and implementation,
  • analysis (already at the design stage) of future serial production costs,
  • supervising that the design of the determinants of technology and economy of mass production and subsequent product certification,
  • in cooperation with tool and cooperators to develop client documentation CAD3D to design technology to:

– injection molding of thermoplastics,
– pieces of polyurethane foam,
– elastomers,
– parts made of composite material,
– details of thermoforming, blow molding and rotomolding,
– casting of non-ferrous metals,
– metal and plastic,


  • study and analysis of the proposed ergonomics design solutions, functional and stylistic,
  • execution of mock-ups and solid models and prototypes designed products,
  • search areas for the development of innovative applications to external financing for development processes principal,
  • search for new solutions protected patent or utility model.

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Certification of products

An offer of cooperation in the field of introducing a medical device to the market

 Wójcik Design company with design and implementation experience and competences offers services regarding the introduction of a medical device o the market and preparation for the certification of the requirements of EN ISO 13485: 2016 standard:

  • preparation of technical documentation of the medical device,
  • verification of technical documentation of the medical device,
  • preparation of the product for testing for compliance with EN 60601-1 and EMC tests,
  • commissioning tests and cooperation with external laboratories,
  • classification of the medical device, preparation of a list of harmonized standards, preparation of a medical device compliance checklist with the essential requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC, determination of product lifetime, preparation of a device analysis report as PEMS, preparation of product acceptance instructions, list of critical elements and declaration of conformity,
  • implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 13485: 2016 – preparation of procedures in line with the standard, – preparation of the quality book,
  • test for compliance with EN 60601-1,
  • EMC test.

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Graphic design

Graphic design dedicated to the design of the product

For the proper functioning of the product is essential graphic design. We design the graphics associated with the product:

  • keyboard control,
  • control panels type of touch screan,
  • information and function plates,
  • graphic decorative elements,
  • packaging design.

We help strengthen and promote the company through projects:

  • logo and logotype,,
  • letterhead,
  • business cards,
  • folders, catalogs,
  • visualizations and graphics to the user manual.



15+ Years Of Experience
in design and implementation

Our projects have won many prestigious awards. We run projects from the beginning (idea) to implementation (ready for sale). Based on knowledge, experience and the secrets of the profession. All products designed by us are prepared for certification, at the client’s request.

it make us happy

We are interested in all designed products, new technologies and new trends. We are inspired by everyday life, and experience in design allows us to set new directions in design. We love what we do, so we do what we love.


We can always get along

We do not take prices either from the finger or from the ceiling.

The scope and cost of the project are adapted to the client’s needs.