Conceptual product design – Trolley, mobile table dedicated to Endo Pilot.
General design assumptions

Development of a conceptual design of a trolley – a mobile platform for the Endo Pilot, which is the equipment of the dental office.

The design of the product is to ensure the current functionality dictated by modern requirements. Important criteria that the product should meet are safety and the basics of personnel ergonomics as well as easy operation.

Potential clients are mainly private dental offices as well as public institutions.

Due to their profession, medical personnel are people who know how work affects our health. The design should be characterized by care for the ergonomics of device users.

Required performance parameters

Trolley consisting of three dismountable units:

  • bases on wheels,
  • columns to which the Endo Pilot will be mounted directly,
  • a set consisting of: a tool docking holder (max. 6 tools) of Endo Pilot, which is both a holder for moving the trolley, 2 in 1.

– A handle used only for moving-gripping, export version (the tools will be placed in the original handles of the endopilot)
– Frame for cable positioning, protection against tangling.
– The height of the trolley is fixed.
– Suspended platform from the base for a single wireless foot controller, both accommodating the optional Dual Endo Pilot.

Design suggestions

A medical trolley is a working tool for medical personnel, all the solutions used are to result from the goal of achieving maximum functionality of the device.

A product may belong to a family of specialist trolleys characterized by a consistent style and, if possible, with the use of common structural elements.

In the construction of devices, ordinary varnished structural steel is used, Connecting steel elements by welding or standardized fasteners. The materials used should be generally available materials, known and not posing a direct threat to the user.

The stylistic means used will serve to create a product that stands out among products of its class. The goal is to build / strengthen the brand. By adding to the features of a company that cares about the user and patient, but is also aware of the importance of design.

The construction of the trolley should enable easy cleaning and disinfection, and should have as few gaps as possible where contamination could accumulate.

Column – aluminum profile, dedicated to the trolley with the option of varnishing according to RAL.

Features of the designed product that determine safe and proper operation

In terms of operational safety: :
– design in accordance with the safety requirements for medical devices, according to the standard: PN-EN 60601-1For the protection of the user’s health: :
– use materials with hygiene, biocompatibility and body contact approval,
– use components with manufacturers’ approvals that confirm the required level of safety and compliance with the relevant standards.In the field of environmental protection: :
– use ecological materials that can be easily disposed of or processed.

Product design and construction WÓJCIK DESIGN.