Product design – elements of outdoor gym equipment

It was a design of equipment, outdoor gym equipment carried out for the F.P.H.U Kafcio .

General design assumptions

Description of the designed product:
The structure is based on a load-bearing element – the basic one on which the system of outdoor gym devices will be built.

The structure is to ensure the construction of sets: 2,3,4 stations. An important criterion that the product should meet is safety and the basics of user ergonomics as well as easy operation for the service technician. The devices made should be resistant to various weather conditions.

Potential clients are municipal and commune offices. The purchase takes place through a tender.
The basic criterion for the purchase decision is the price.

A system that allows for attractive management of frequently visited public places, e.g. parks, playgrounds, sports stadiums, etc.
The devices are generally available, so they will be exposed to vandalism.

Exercises on the designed equipment should be simple and intuitive, available for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly

A set of equipment / devices intended for outdoor gyms. Offered in versions:

  • standard (built on a pole),
  • on the pylon on which the user manual of the device is placed,
  • for people with disabilities.
Scope of completed design works

The scope of work included cooperation in the  development of a produc development strategy   product design, development of full technical documentation by the  WÓJCIK DESIGN’s design team, author’s supervision over the implementation of the product into production..

Implemented design solutions

Outdoor gyms are equipment used by people of all ages and physical abilities, all the solutions used resulted from the goal of achieving maximum functionality of the device.

Individual products belong to the family of devices characterized by a consistent style and, if possible, by using common structural elements.

In the construction of devices, ordinary varnished structural steel is used, Connecting steel elements by welding or standardized fasteners. The materials used should be generally available, known materials and do not pose a direct threat to the user.

In terms of operational safety:
designed in accordance with the requirements of the standards:
PN-EN 16630: 2015-06 – Permanently installed outdoor gym equipment – safety requirements and test methods,

For the protection of the user’s health:
components with manufacturer’s approvals were used, confirming the required level of safety and compliance with the subject standards.

Design effect achieved

The original effect was achieved through the use of commonly used technologies: laser cutting, bending profiles and steel sheets. Connected with each other by a weld. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, we limit the use of plastics and materials that are “expensive” for the natural environment.

The stylistic means used served to create a product that stands out among products of its class. The goal is to build / strengthen the brand. By adding to the features of a company that cares about the user, but is also aware of the importance of design.

Product design and construction – WÓJCIK DESIGN

Producer – F.P.H.U Kafcio