Design project of the product – a portable workstation for independent use hearing screening and assessment of auditory processing disorders – Hear Box – implemented for the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing.

The works were related to the implementation of the Project: “Adaptive screening and diagnostic system Hear Box”, selected for co-financing under the Intelligent Operational Programme Development 2014-2020.

General design assumptions

Description of the designed product:

Hear Box stand – for independent research hearing screening based on automatic hearing threshold detection algorithms and independent ones tests to assess auditory processing disorders. The testing process itself will be supported by active noise reduction algorithms. This will allow you to drive credible hearing screening in public places. Development and implementation of the interface ANC will significantly reduce the rate of false positives – below 5%.

Main features of the product:

  • the product must not stigmatize people with disabilities,
  • easy access to all components operated by the patient, medical staff and service technician,
  • easy to clean and disinfect, resistant to UV and chemicals,
  • the design project must take into account economically justified proportions of implementation costs to the costs of details in serial production.

The priority of the product design project was to follow the principles of sustainable development by limiting the use of plastics and materials that are “expensive” for the environment. The use of appropriate stylistic means is to create a product that stands out among products in its class, and to build/strengthen the brand of a company that is aware of the importance of industrial design.

Scope of completed design works.

Full design and technical documentation was prepared. All design work and author’s supervision over the implementation of the product into production was carried out by the WÓJCIK DESIGN design team.

Innovativeness of the applied design solutions

The construction of the Hear Box station used for hearing diagnostics was designed in the form of a mobile trolley with an electrically height-adjustable column and a composite console with a built-in, replaceable diagnostic and measurement module. The product has been designed so that it can be used by people in wheelchairs and by users with a height of 120 to 190 cm. The height adjustment range is 60 cm.

The diagnostic console can be separated from the truck for transport with a special key. The diagnostic module  with the audiometer and headphones can be separated from the console for the time of servicing. The diagnostic module is fastened with screws.

The housing of the device is a single-body structure, and its rigidity and impact resistance are ensured by a polyester-glass composite material with variable wall thickness. This solution allows you to eliminate the metal, internal load bearing structure.

In addition to taking into account the aspects of ergonomics and small-volume production technology, the project took into account the maximum shortening of the cooperation chain. The casing of the screen has been designed to be possible to some extent there was a change in the model (dimension) of the monitor.

Achieved design effect

The construction that was created meets the requirements set by the client (Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing). Hear Box extends the family of diagnostic products developed by IFiPS. The above screening station gives you the opportunity to conduct an independent hearing test, which is valuable in the current, limited availability of medical services.