What is an industrial design

Every thing, object, device that we use and surround every day is a really designed as a design product. Absolutely everything has its author and contractor – these are things and objects of both well-known brands and not known.

Often they are objects from mass, serial production, but there are also such dedicated items, made only in a few or a dozen copies. They are things better or worse designed, but they are to serve us in everyday life, to make us happy, to make life easier and to help us at work.

Industrial design as a field is linked to exact sciences. It is a collaboration of a designer with engineers and constructors, technologists and experts. It is the work of a multidisciplinary team resulting from their involvement supported by experience and completed projects.

The essence of industrial design is the design of utilitarian objects, and thus the combination of modern technology, innovative technology, market strategy, lifestyle, ergonomics and appearance in one subject. This is done through the steps that constitute the design of the product. The first is to recognize the need – I must have a modern object or a modernized object that already exists. Then, conceptual work is done – inventing a thing that will satisfy this need, and then be able to design it and check its operation (prototype). Finally, after considering all the factors (functionality, ergonomics and appearance), the thing finally becomes a real usable item that can be produced and sold.

The implementation of the product design project is carried out in stages:

  1. diagnosis and analysis of needs in the field of industrial design – design audit,
  2. preparation of a brief for individual project and implementation processes,
  3. design and construction design,
  4. preparation of documentation (CAD3D) of construction and implementation of products,
  5. developing technical file of products.

What will a good-looking utility be if it does not meet certain design assumptions? What will a perfectly working item be, but not so nice to sell? To avoid such situations, you need a good industrial designer with experience, who can work with both engineers and with constructors, technologists and experts. Thanks to this cooperation, the object will be created and useful and the most usable, including the expectations of the manufacturer and the user’s needs – it will become fashionable, recognizable and in all likelihood desired.

The designer of industrial design before he starts work on a new product project must find out about the manufacturer’s needs – a design audit and a brief are used. They will describe a detailed plan for the future, designed product taking into account market needs, commercial strategy, techniques used and even lifestyle. They will include innovation, and product modeling up to the supervision over its implementation and implementation into production. After acceptance, the next step is to work on the product – step by step – up to the production of the object on an industrial scale – and it can be both serial and limited production.

At the same time, industrial design combines close and interdisciplinary knowledge based on knowledge of: materials (properties and possibilities of their use), technical drawing, machine construction (used in the project) and mechanics. Design – industrial design is a creative activity, it is primarily human creation for people.

The word “design” is inseparably connected with industrial design, which has three applications in our everyday life: 1. as a product feature, 2. as a design and 3. as a field of applied art.

Design defines the features of the product in terms of appearance. A good looking product was created in accordance with the project assuming production. In this sense, design can only be limited by the designer’s skills and ingenuity. In a wider sense, apart from the appearance, ergonomics and functionality are important. Concerns: a series of hospital beds based on common subassemblies although having different functionalities (from simple, fixed bed heights to advanced ones with electric regulation of individual segments). > photo links <

Design is also a product design. It covers all stages and stages of its creation. Undoubtedly, each of us, in his life, met with good and bad design. Good design has an object that meets expectations, is functional and pretty, you can see that work on it was thought over and that it was designed by designers with passion and love. Bad design has an object that only partially fulfills its role – at first sight meets expectations, but when it starts to use it turns out – that it does not. Applies to: all products and objects around us – lamp, kettle, washing machine, car, hospital bed, table for examination of babies, cabinets, desks, etc.

Design is also a term for applied art – that is, it describes an object designed and usually made by the creator (designer – artist). Applies to: furniture, fabrics, ceramics, ornamentation and fashion.

Industrial design has an impact on the final shape of the product. It also has a significant impact on the technology used, on the price, on the entire production chain and currently on its innovation. Global enterprises, as a permanent element in the production of a new object, use design, and designers of design participate already at the conceptual stage of the process of its creation. It is a pity that design in Poland is still used as a stylization allowance.