The WOJCIK DESIGN – industrial design

The WÓJCIK DESIGN company has been operating on the market related to designing medical devices for many years. Although the headquarters is in the Silesian Voivodeship, we design for companies from all over Poland. Industrial design as a field is linked to exact sciences. It is a collaboration of a designer with engineers and constructors, technologists and experts. It is the work of a multidisciplinary team resulting from their involvement supported by experience and completed projects.

Industrial design therefore requires close, interdisciplinary knowledge based on knowledge of: materials (their properties and application options), technical drawing, machine construction (applied to the project) and even the basics of mechanics. This is a creative activity, which consists in giving the projected object the expected (in the design) expected external, consistent and functional features that meet the expectations of both the producer and the user.

How to create an item that meets such expectations? Seems to be difficult? – Not for the Wójcik Design company dealing with the design of medical equipment. Before starting the creation of a product, my company needs to know about the manufacturer’s needs – a design audit and a brief – a detailed plan for the future, designed product, taking into account market needs, commercial strategy, technique and lifestyle, innovation, product modeling and supervision of its product. implementation and implementation for production. Then, the work is divided into stages, the implementation of which – step by step – brings you closer to achieving the goal, and thus producing the object on an industrial scale – and it can be both serial and individual production.

For a short presentation of my company – what exactly I do – I will use the BM 200 biochemical analyzer project. This project was about the redesign of the  automatic biochemical analyzer, whose components will be the basis for the BM-200 analyzer offered by BioMaxima SA.

As the design priority is to recognize the need – I must have a modern object or in this particular case – to modernize an already existing object.
We carry out a  
design audit at this stage, which defines the client’s needs in the area of creating a new, unique and innovative product on the market. This will be the basis for the overall project assumptions.

Then, the conceptual work (so-called preliminary project ) is carried out – inventing a thing that will satisfy this need (conceptual sketches),

and then be able to design it (3D models)

and check its operation (prototype).

Finally, after considering all the factors (functionality, ergonomics and appearance), the thing finally becomes a real usable item that can be produced and sold. It is a proper project containing the implemented solution.

Our competences are supported by design  and implementation skills thanks to which we offer comprehensive product development, starting from cooperation in the development of project assumptions, to supervision over implementation to production.

The  Wójcik Design  company as the next stage of the implemented project also offers services regarding the introduction of a medical device to the market and preparation for the certification of the EN ISO 13485: 2016 requirements (in accordance with the requirements of the Medical Devices Act). We prepare full product documentation for the purposes of registration and other documents related to the application and we make a formal notification of the product to the Register.

As you have just learned with passion and experience, we design products that serve their users well and thus ensure the success of their producers. For more information, please visit my website and I encourage you to contact me about cooperation.