Design project of the product – Multifunctional FoZa Surgi treatment chair

The work on the design of the multifunctional treatment chair FoZa Surgi was preceded by the preparation of  a document: “UBM Medical Furniture design development strategy until 2025”.

The study contains recommendations on the status of the product and service offer, technology, organizational structure, customer communication processes and brand communication principles.

General design assumptions

Multifunctional treatment chair for use in:

  • oral and facial-maxillary surgery,
  • dental surgery,
  • ophthalmic surgery,
  • the treatment of AMD – macular degeneration (intravitreal injection).

The design of the treatment chair is made of steel profiles and pipes covered with powder varnish, resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damage and disinfecting and cleaning agents.

A treatment chair with the function of adjusting the height of the seat unit, which is carried out by means of an electric column, adjustment of the angle of inclination of the backrest segments with the headrest and the seat and shank segment by means of electric actuators.

Adjustment of the inclination angles of the segments by electric actuators. The chair is equipped with a control with an individual program. The system allows you to perform selected functions with one button, such as treatment position, favorite position and trendelenburg position. The control allows all drives to be moved to the desired positions simultaneously.

The running gear of the chair is equipped with a chassis with central blocking of all wheels. Seat segments, backrest segment, shank segment, seamless upholstery.

The armchair has a headrest with mechanical adjustment in 2 positions and armrests made of PU casting technology.

A handle / handrail for easy rolling, mounted in the lower leg segment.

Removable side rails, to ensure the patient’s safety during the procedure, mounted on the mounting strip of the seat segment.

The chair base, backrest segment, seat segment with covers made of ABS plastic.

Height adjustment of the bed and the angles of the bed segments. 

The chair is controlled by foot controll and a wired remote control with the function of memory position and function lock.

The scope of completed design work

The scope of work included the development of a design product project – in line with the design development strategy of the UBM Medical Furniture brand by 2025.

Full technical documentation and technical file (instruction manual for the product and documents necessary for registration of the medical device) were made.

All the design work and author’s supervision over the implementation of the product for production was carried out by the WÓJCIK DESIGN team. The chair was launched on the market in the first half of 2021.

Innovation of the applied design solutions

Innovation of the design of the FoZa Surgi treatment chair stems from the development of a structure that ensures the possibility of widespread use of the chair in medical facilities.

Universal knots have been designed to attach the table top, remote control holder and drip hanger both on the right and on the left side of the chair. The 2-position adjustable headrest with removable cushions made of soft PU was developed. The design of the headrest allows the installation of pillows that differ in shape and size.

The design effect achieved

The implementation of the FoZa Surgi treatment chair design project on the market expanded the offer of U.B.M. KOTASIŃSKA is a top-shelf product in its class, intended for dentistry and ophthalmology.

The introduction of a new, more technologically advanced product has strengthened the company’s competitiveness on the medical equipment market.

In chair designs, widely understood material unification was applied. Where possible, the same parts and components were used, which has an impact on the optimization of production costs.

Multifunctional treatment chair FoZa Surgi is designed for dental or ophthalmic surgery. Thanks to its functionality and additional equipment, it ensures high comfort both for the patient’s stay and the work of the staff.

Universal treatment chairs: FoZa Basic, FoZa Basic Plus, FoZa Dona, FoZa Mobil, Foza Multi and Foza Surgi were created in the mind of widely understood design thinking.

The resulting products that, through the care of ergonomics, are designed to serve users well, thus ensuring their success for the manufacturer.