General Information

The decision to start this project was due to the product development strategy of  U.B.M. Kotasińska.
The construction of the new product is based on the components of the LP bed.

General design assumptions

A 4-section rehabilitation bed with electrically adjustable functions for changing the height of the bed and changing the angle of inclination of the back and lower leg segments.
It is intended for adult patients. It is applicable in the following treatment environments (areas):

  • Hospital Emergency Departments (“Emergency”) or other medical facilities where medical supervision and monitoring is required,
  • Long-term care, hospital departments where medical supervision is required and monitoring is provided if necessary. In these facilities, the bed used to treat can be helpful in maintaining or improving the patient’s health.

The hospital bed is a tool for the work of medical personnel, all the solutions applied are to result from the goal of achieving maximum functionality of the device.
The original visual effect of the product design project should be achieved through the use of commonly used technologies:
laser cutting, bending of profiles and steel sheet, welded together.
Guided by the principles of sustainability, we limit the use of plastics and “costly” materials for the natural environment.
The stylistic means used will create a product hat stands out among the products of its class. The goal is to build / strengthen the brand.
A company that is aware of the importance of industrial design.

The scope of completed design work

In the scope of work on the project – the “WERSA” bed came a design study of the product in two versions (basic version and extended version).
The full technical documentation and technical file were made (product operating instructions and documents necessary to register the medical device).
All the design work and author’s supervision over the implementation of the product for production was carried out by the WÓJCIK DESIGN team.

Implemented design solutions

The designed bed used a broadly understood material unification with LP hospital beds.
With the design of this bed, a new model of the top was designed and implemented, made of polyethylene in rotomolding technology.

The design effect achieved

The bed was presented in June 2014 at the “Modern Medical Facility” fair, where it aroused interest of both potential customers as well as domestic and foreign distributors.
The introduction of new, more technologically advanced products strengthened the company’s competitiveness in the market of medical equipment. The decision was made to offer the product for export.
The effect achieved by the implemented products resulted in the decision to start further projects based on hospital beds LP and “WERSA”:

  • LoRe-01 rehabilitation bed,
  • LoPi rehabilitation bed – intended for palliative care, is being implemented for production.



Hospital bed WERSA
Hospital bed WERSA
Hospital bed WERSA
Hospital bed WERSA
Hospital bed WERSA