General Information

It was the first project implemented for the company U.B.M. Kotasińska.
Our cooperation was preceded by the analysis of the company’s needs in the field of industrial design (design audit),
which resulted in the development of product development strategies.

General design assumptions

A hospital bed with a fixed bed height is the basic equipment of a hospital room.
Its design is dictated by modern requirements.
It is intended for adult patients of hospitals during the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases.
In this hospital bed, all types of care and medical treatments are carried out.
The design assumptions take into account the ergonomics and stylistics of the designed product due to the female medical personnel.
Innovation of the designed product should distinguish the product from among the beds on the market.
The aim of introducing new products (characterized by modern design)
to the offer is the new image of U.B.M. Kotasińska – as a developing and modern company.
Taking care of both the user and the patient, through the conscious use of industrial design.

The scope of completed design work

The scope of work on the bed design included designing the product in three functional versions.
Preparation of the full technical documentation and technical file (the instruction manual of the products and documents necessary to register the medical device)
by the WÓJCIK DESIGN construction team. Author’s supervision over the implementation of the product for production.

Implemented design solutions

Hospital bed LP with a fixed bed height:

  • in the version with a 2-section bed, which have an adjustable angle of elevation of the backrest segment. This adjustment is carried out by means of a support block locked in toothed bars,
  • in the version with a 2-section bed, which have an adjustable angle of elevation of the backrest segment. Adjustment of the backrest segment’s elevation angle is done using a gas spring. The bed has the autoregression function of the backrest,
  • in the version with a 4-section bed, with adjustable angle of elevation of the back rest segments, thigh segment and the lower leg segment. Adjustment of the angle of elevation of the back and thigh segments is performed by means of a gas spring. The regulation of the angle of elevation of the shank segment is carried out using rastomats.  The bed has an autoregressive backrest function.

Designed beds use widely understood material unification.
Where possible, the same parts and sub-assemblies have been used in individual product models, which has an impact on the optimization of production costs.
Beds are offered with 5 models of peaks (using typical, as well as innovative materials – flexible Fuma plywood),
with equipment not previously offered by competing companies (suspended shelf under the bed).
The beds were presented in June 2014 at the “Modern Medical Facility” fair, where they aroused the interest of both potential customers as well as domestic and foreign distributors.

June, 2014


Hospital bed LP
Hospital bed LP
Hospital bed LP
Hospital bed LP
Hospital bed LP