General Information

Another design project based on the design of the FoZa Basic chair is the universal FoZa Mobil treatment chair.

General design assumptions

Treatment chair dedicated to palliative care, giving the possibility of transporting patients in the elderly. It can be used for blood collection, dialysis, chemotherapy and other laryngological and ophthalmological procedures. It can be used for nursing homes, hospitals, care and treatment centers and help in private homes.
Thedesign of the FoZa Mobil chair is made of steel profiles and pipes covered with powder varnish, resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damage and disinfecting and cleaning agents.
The backrest segment has a cover made of ABS plastic. Adjustment of the angle of the back and seat back segments is carried out by means of gas springs by releasing the appropriate lever.

The scope of completed design work

Scope of work on the design project – it included the development of a product development strategy – implemented in 2014 and the development of a design product which is an extension and giving new functionality to the version of the FoZa Basic chair made in 2015.
The full technical documentation and technical file were made (product operating instructions and documents necessary to register the medical device). All the design work and author’s supervision over the implementation of the product for production was carried out by the WÓJCIK DESIGN team. The chair was launched on the market in the first half of 2016.

Innovation of the applied design solutions

Innovation of the design design of the treatment chair wynika z opracowania konstrukcji dającej możliwość tworzenia wersji różniących się funkcjonalnością, ale results from the development of a design that gives the possibility to create versions that differ in functionality but are stylistically coherent. stylistycznie.
The trendelenburg function offered as a standard on a gas spring will ensure patient safety and facilitate the work of the staff. Additional options: headrest, integrated pad (with the possibility of mounting at the customer’s right or left side of the chair).

The design effect achieved

The resulting construction based on the design project of the FoZa Basic treatment chair.. In chairdesigns, widely understood material unification was applied. Where possible, the same parts and components were used, which has an impact on the optimization of production costs.
Universal treatment armchairs: FoZa Basic, FoZa Basic Plus, FoZa Dona, FoZa Mobil were created in the mind of widely understood design thinking.
The resulting products, which through the care of ergonomics are to serve the users well, thus ensuring the success of their producer.
, 2016

Universal FoZa Mobil treatment chair
Universal FoZa Mobil treatment chair
Universal FoZa Mobil treatment chair
Universal FoZa Mobil treatment chair
Universal FoZa Mobil treatment chair