General Information

Financial resources for the implementation of the project Fri “Integrated system of tools for diagnostics and telerehabilitation of sensory organs (hearing, sight, speech, balance, taste, smell)” about the acronyme„Innosense” came from grants of the National Center for Research and Development under the STRATEGMED program.
One of the functional elements is the development of applications and devices allowing for independent testing of individual senses, which require a certain position of the patient in the Capsule. As part of eye examinations, it is necessary to maintain the required distance of the patient’s eyes from the screen presenting the optotypes.

General design assumptions

Description of the designed product:
The FoDiaSk diagnostic chair is designed to support the course of senses. It allows the patient to receive a suitable, ergonomic and safe position, required to correctly carry out the diagnostic procedure.
The chair is adapted for use inside the specialized INNOSENSE diagnostic capsule.
The main features of the product:

  • the product can not stigmatize people with disabilities,
  • easy access to all components supported by the subject, medical personnel and service technician,
  • easy to clean and disinfect, resistant to UV and chemicals,
  • the design must take into account economically justified proportions of implementation costs to the cost of details in series production,
  • the chair is to be functional, modern, user-friendly, ergonomic,
  • assembly / disassembly of the chair in the capsule should not be longer than 15 minutes.

The priority of the product design project was to follow the principles of sustainability by limiting the use of plastics and “costly” materials for the natural environment. The use of appropriate stylistic means is to create a product that stands out among the products in its class, and to build / strengthen the brand of the company being aware of the importance of  industrial design.

The scope of completed design work

The full technical documentation and technical file were made (product operating instructions and documents necessary to register the medical device). All the design work and author’s supervision over the implementation of the product for production was carried out by the WÓJCIK DESIGN design team.

Innovation of the applied design solutions

The innovativeness of the design/b> of the FoDiaSk chair design results from the development of such a construction that will give the possibility to create versions that differ in functionality but are stylistically coherent.
The chair is made of steel profiles, covered with powder varnish, resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damage and disinfecting and cleaning agents. The joining of steel elements was carried out by welding or standardized fasteners. It has a base on 4 wheels, which move inside the guides fastened to the floor of the capsule. Base, back and seat covers made of ABS in thermoforming technology. Two-segment (without foot support), ensuring comfortable use of children and adults. It has variable height adjustment of the seat, carried out with the help of an electric column, with a constant angle of inclination of the backrest segment. The seat height is controlled using a wired remote control. The seat has the ability to rotate on the column axis and lock in three positions: 0, 90, 180 °. Armrests mounted from both sides to the backrest, without height adjustment and angle. The headrest of the chair with the weight used for its positioning (after lifting the head returns to the upper position).
To disconnect the chair from the mains, a mains plug or an appropriately labeled switch, mounted near the chair inside the capsule, is used.

The design effect achieved

The construction that has been created meets the requirements set by the client (IFiPS). It can become a platform for design projects of surgical chairs to be used in pediatric, ENT, ophthalmology, etc.


FoDiaSk diagnostic chair
FoDiaSk diagnostic chair
FoDiaSk diagnostic chair
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
FoDiaSk diagnostic chair
FoDiaSk diagnostic chair
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE