General Information

Implementation of the project “An integrated system of tools for diagnostics and telerehabilitation of sensory organs (hearing, sight, speech, balance, taste, smell)” was financed from grants from the National Center for Research and Development under the STRATEGMED program. He was given the name (acronym „Innosense” (INNOvative SENSE – an innovative examination of the senses)

General design assumptions

Description of the designed product:
The INNOSENSE diagnostic capsule, after equipping it with dedicated devices, is intended for the patient to independently perform screening tests of his senses such as: sight, hearing, balance, taste and smell without the need to involve a trained person.

The capsule is adapted to cooperate with diagnostic medical devices for the examination of the senses, manufactured by other manufacturers, according to their intended use. In its current form (without equipment) it can be used as an audiometric cabin.

The INNOSENSE Diagnostic Capsule is a device adapted to integrate various methods of senses within one cabin. The device was adapted to accommodate a specialist chair and cameras detecting the location of the patient.

Design task:
The preliminary design project (before the prototype) was made by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and the Warsaw University of Technology did research in the material area.

On the basis of these materials, studies and preliminary design of the capsule, work on the project proper INNOSENSE was entrusted to Wójcik Design, which will perform:
1. Design of an external coating. Capsule containing:

  • Executive design of decorative panels, which, thanks to their construction, should additionally serve as acoustic insulation. The panels are also supposed to fulfill the informative function – through the use of appropriate lighting, inform about the work status of the Capsule and about the breakdowns and alarms. The contractor expects that external information lighting should be at least color: green red and orange.
  • Executive design of the External Panel in which the computer will be built-in.all-in-one and developing a procedure for access to this computer by service technicians and administrators.
  • Development and implementation of the assembly and disassembly procedure for Panels by max. two people in no more than 20 minutes.

2. The design of the internal space of the Capsule.

The scope of completed design work

The scope of work on the project – included:

  • visual design audit, scale 1: 1 – pre-prototype of the capsule,
  • development of the interior design design of the Senses Sensory Capsule facility with modification of the outer shell design of the object,
  • technical design,
  • execution of the detailed design,
  • making the prototype of the capsule,
  • production of 6 capsules,
  • carrying out the conformity assessment procedure with Directive 93/42 / EEC on CE marking and affixing the CE marking.

The WÓJCIK DESIGN team together with the co-operators made the whole project work and implementation of the product for production.

Innovation of the applied design solutions

The purpose of the project team’s work was to meet functional qualities for both users and service technicians, while maintaining a reasonable balance between simple design, production costs and certification requirements as well as the attractiveness of the shape of the capsule.

The design was made on the basis of research and analysis, based on the available technologies for the production of capsule components. During the design work, the correctness of assumptions described in the investor’s brief was verified in cooperation with Elkab and Conet companies (companies responsible for the IT system and capsule cabling) and mobility disability consultants.

During the implementation work, further changes and improvements were made:

  • designed modules, can be replaced by any trained person,
  • the metal structure has been subjected to computer analysis of static stresses with a positive result,
  • in the design design, the number of components was minimized, while maintaining the expected comfort of use as well as the ergonomics of servicing the capsule.
  • the product has been subjected to a risk analysis with a positive result,
  • the designed facility meets the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC and medical standards for products.


The design effect achieved

The Senses Research Capsule is the world’s first integrated device for studying many human senses.

An innovative diagnostic and rehabilitation capsule has been created that can be installed in various field centers, contributes to the dissemination and improvement of access to preventive examinations of people with multiple sense organs disorders, as well as their rehabilitation.

Capsule of Senses Research 5.08.2018 was awarded the gold medal in the category of inventions during the 3rd edition of Japan Design, Idea & Invention Expo-2018, organized by World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) and Chizai Corporation

The next planned step will be to develop a mobile version of the capsule.


Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE
Diagnostic capsule INNOSENSE