General Information

Design project of the product – BM-200 free access biochemical analyzer implemented for BioMaxima S.A.
Work on the project was preceded by a design audit of the Biomaxima S.A. company, which resulted in the development of a company’s product development strategy based on industrial design – implemented in 2016.

General design assumptions

Redesign of the  automatic free-access biochemical analyzer, whose components form are the basis for the BM-200 analyzer offered by BioMaxima S.A..
Design goals:

  • development of a new, modern in terms of stylistics of the device housing, the attractiveness of which will be an effective tool for both marketing and sales employees,
  • improvement of ergonomics and addition of new functional features of the device,
  • introduction of a housing, the construction of which will ensure easier assembly and servicing of the device.

The device should be distinguished by functionality and easy to keep clean. The basic element – the worktop – should be made of material containing silver ions (bactericidal properties).
Its appearance and functional features are meant to stand out from the competition.
The distinguishing feature is the “All In One” computer integrated with the device, and the work surface organization system. The covers of the refrigerator and carousel, as opposed to the devices of the competition, will have an asymmetric shape, preventing the incorrect insertion of the cover.
Design and application features of the device should be the basis of marketing leverage to support the sale of this model.
The main features of the product:

  • the product can not stigmatize people with disabilities,
  • improvement of ergonomics and addition of new functional features of the device,
  • easy access to all subassemblies supported by the user and service technician,
  • easy to clean and disinfect, resistant to UV and chemicals,
  • the design must take into account economically justified proportions of implementation costs to the cost of details in series production,
  • the device is to be functional, modern, user-friendly, ergonomic,
  • waterproofing should be ensured at IP 42-44 (protection against water splashes) and impact strength at IK – 02-04 (standard EN 60208).
The scope of completed design work

The scope of work on the design project – included:

  • Audit of functional features and ergonomic  analyzer constituting a base of components,
  • Preliminary design – conceptual sketches,
  • Preliminary project – 3D models of selected concepts,
  • The right project – 3D model, for the implementation of prototype documentation,
  • Detailed design – prototype documentation of constituent elements,
  • Prototyp,
  • Validation of the housing prototype,
  • Design proper – 3D model, for the implementation of typical documentation,
  • Detailed design – typical documentation,

All the design work and author’s supervision over the implementation of the product for production was carried out by the WÓJCIK DESIGN team. The analyzer was launched on the market in the first half part of 2018.

Innovation of the applied design solutions

The innovation in the design of the BM-200 biochemical analyzer design results from the development of the structure based on the owned product.

The purpose of the project team’s work was to meet functional qualities for both users and service technicians, while maintaining a reasonable balance between simple design, production costs and certification requirements as well as the attractiveness of the analyzer’s shape.

Thedesign project was made on the basis of research and analysis, based on the available technologies for the production of the components of the analyzer housing. During the design work, the assumptions described in the investor’s brief were verified. Changes and improvements were made to the project during implementation works.

The design minimizes the number of components, while maintaining the expected convenience of use, as well as the ergonomics of the analyzer service.

The design effect achieved

Improvement of ergonomics and addition of new device functions:

  • shape of reaction disc covers and reagent rotor for easy docking,
  • lid handles ergonomically adjusted to the hand,
  • worktop easy to disassemble (4 screws), with places for putting / docking disk and rotor covers and caps on containers with samples,
  • the analyzer is controlled (optionally) by means of a touch screen suspended on the device,
  • the computer was placed (optionally) in the touch screen housing, which resulted in the gain of additional space on the table on which the analyzer works.

A housing was developed, the design of which ensured easy assembly and service of the device:

  • side and front covers mounted under the worktop and without visible screws, which makes it easy to keep the device clean,
  • side covers docked / hooked to the analyzer’s frame, mounted with 3 screws invisible outside, which ensures easy servicing of the device,
  • the holes existing in the frame were used for assembly, which reduced the costs of fabrication and assembly of the device.

A new, modern design housing has been developed, the attractiveness of which is an effective tool for both marketing and sales employees.


BM-200/300 biochemical analyzer
BM-200/300 biochemical analyzer
BM-200/300 biochemical analyzer
BM-200/300 biochemical analyzer
BM-200/300 biochemical analyzer
BM-200/300 biochemical analyzer
BM-200/300 biochemical analyzer