Everything is design

Have you ever wondered if everything that we surround is designed? Designed as a design product. Absolutely everything – starting from what we use for everyday life, brings joy or pleasure and ending with those things that serve us to work. Every thing was devised. A good product design consists of many things: recognizing the need, inventing a thing that satisfies that need, designing that it finally becomes a reality. A good designer will not forget about ergonomics, functionality or design – that is, the appearance of the product.

Industrial design is not an area in itself. Requires close knowledge or cooperation with engineers and constructors. What will a usable item be if it does not meet certain design assumptions and will look beautiful? Or it will work perfectly, but it will not be nice enough to interest the user? The role of a good designer of industrial design is to design such an object to be usable and usable. It must include both the needs of the manufacturer and the user in this one project – then it will be a market success.

Each of us, in his life, met with good as well as with bad design, when the object fulfilled only half of its role – at first glance, it met our expectations, but when we started using it it turned out that it did not meet all of our needs or expectations. A completely different matter is imitation, or the common practice of greedy corporations – the subject is only the time that is specified in the warranty plus 3-5 months, and then …? … it is not worth repairing this item, because adding a tip or two – you can buy new, under warranty.

Industrial design therefore requires close, interdisciplinary knowledge based on knowledge of: materials (their properties and application options), technical drawing, machine construction (applied to the project) and even the basics of mechanics. This is a creative activity, which consists in giving the projected object the expected (in the design) expected external, consistent and functional features that meet the expectations of both the producer and the user.

How to create an item that meets such expectations? Seems to be difficult? – Not for a good designer of industrial design. Before he starts to create a product, he must know about the manufacturer’s needs – a design audit and a brief are used. A detailed plan for the future, designed product, taking into account market needs, commercial strategy, technology and lifestyle, innovation, product modeling up to the supervision of its implementation and implementation into production. Then, the work is divided into stages, the implementation of which – step by step – brings you closer to achieving the goal, and thus producing the object on an industrial scale – and it can be both serial and individual production. For example, use the “Concept design of the project the table for baby nursing made for the company Stolter: SPN_8_02_2014 ENG